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WAVLINK Thunderbolt 4 Docking Station 98W PD 8K Dual 4K Display 40Gbps 2.5GbE

wavlink / April 2, 2024

It stands out from others with its enhanced power and stability, efficient heat dissipation, and swift data transfer capabilities. It fully caters to the daily requirements of users. This capability greatly alleviates any concerns regarding connectivity. Please note that the Apple M1/M2 chip does not support dual monitors. One dock for all devices, get rid of power shortage. 40Gbps Data Transfer : Thunderbolt 4 technology surpasses Thunderbolt 3 with its remarkable increase in the bandwidth of data transfer rate, elevating it from 16Gbps to an impressive 32Gbps. This substantial bandwidth empowers the dock to effortlessly connect a multitude of peripherals with exceptional performance and speed. Equipped with 3USB 3.1 ports(up …..

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