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Kensington USB-C Hub Docking Station/USB HDMI 4K for Mac/Windows/Chrome/Monitor

kensington / November 15, 2017

Australia Wide on all orders Under 21kg. Mon – Fri 9:00 – 16:30. Kensington Universal USB-C Docking Station. Model No: 38231 Brand: KENSINGTON. The dock works with Windows®, Mac OS® and Chrome OS® devices, allowing you to plug in a single cable that delivers 4K video, charges your laptop and offers high-speed data transfer. Plus, you get instant access to all your peripheral desktop accessories. Mac and Chrome OS devices only support single display. Simply plug in the dock and it will run automatically without the need for drivers or downloads (Mac OS requires one-time Ethernet driver download). By purchasing the Kensington Dock Mount (K33959WW), you can quickly and easily …..

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