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Elgato docking station Thunderbolt 3 (compatibile usb-c) dock, cavo incluso

elgato / August 23, 2019

Elgato Thunderbolt 3 dock. Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Dock enables you to connect everything to your computer at once. Use only one cable to drive dual displays, network at full speed, charge your MacBook Pro and more and harness the full potential of USB-C. Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Dock features a built-in DisplayPort that can drive any display up to 4K resolution. Whether you’re looking for a professional-grade setup to meet your standards of color reproduction, a non-glare solution to cope with reflections in your office, or a display that surpasses all others in size, benefit from built-in versatility that meets your demands. Better yet, simultaneously connect a second 4K display to …..

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New Startech. Com Hdmi Docking Station For Laptops Usb 3.0 USB3VDOCKH

startech / August 23, 2019

Mobile Phones & Accessories. Set up a permanent or hoteling (hot desking) workstation where fewer peripheral and device ports are needed, and in an area where desk space is limited This HDMI docking station for laptops offers a cost-effective way to create a simpler but highly functional workstation that can be used in permanent workspaces, or by multiple people in guest or hoteling (hot desk) environments. If you dont need all the connections and features of a traditional laptop docking station, you can use this dock to add the most essential connections (such as an extra display) to your laptop. Now you or your colleagues can be more productive and …..

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