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Nuance 0POWM2N-005 PowerMic II USB Dictation Microphone

nuance / April 1, 2019

Tested for Key Functions, R2/Ready for Resale. We are a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher (MRR) and will install a GENUINE Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. This item includes a Brand New license/COA for Windows 10. Dynamic Tech Direct has become an industry leader by building authentic relationships with clients based on integrity, service quality and consistency. We are constantly evolving to provide customers with cost effective, environmentally sustainable, ready to use electronics. Our No Landfill Policy ensures that all equipment and component parts will be recycled to the fullest extent and never disposed of in a landfill. We strive to make our packaging fully recycleable as well which is why we …..

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HP ZBOOK 200W, 150w + 65w TB3 USB C DOCK ZBook Thunderbolt 3 Docking station

zbook / April 1, 2019

HP Elite / Zbook Thunderbolt 3 Dock. This is the full kit and includes connections and power supplies for 45w, 65w, 150w and 200w models allowing it to be used on any compatible HP Laptop, tablet or mobile workstation. The dock powers and charges the laptop and gives quick and easy access to. 3.5mm Audio Out. 4x USB 3 Ports 1 being USB C Power. 1x HP Thunderbolt 3 Dock. 1x 200W Power Supply (Suitable for 200w and 150w usage). 1x Up to 200w Power Cable (Power+Thunderbolt > Power+Thunderbolt). 1x 65w Power Supply (Suitable for 65w and 45w usage). 1x Up to 65w Power Cable (Power+Thunderbolt > Thunderbolt). 2x 3 …..

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